Technical Aspects of Matched Betting

July 7, 2011

In this long blog post I am going to discuss some important technical details you should consider when you are doing matched betting. While this might not be the most exciting topic, it is very important that you know and understand these things. If you are new to this website and matched betting in general, please start with this matched betting guide.

Signing up with Bookmakers

The sign-up form is virtually the same in every online bookmaker, so it should not cause you any problems. More troublesome, however, is having to know your login details for every bookie account you have. I recommend keeping record of all your usernames, passwords, extracted bonuses, etc. in a separate spreadsheet file.

It’s especially useful since some bookies may choose a username or password for you (or use your email as a username) and each bookie has its own requirements for the length and complexity of the username and password. I also recommend not having the same password for all your bookie accounts and other online activities. It’s not going to be confusing if you have all your login details in a separate file.

Where is Your Free Bet?

Can’t find it? I will describe where your free bet could possibly appear after you’ve placed the qualifying bet.

* It may be added to you account balance. For example, if you had £10 your account and you’ve got a £10 free bet, there may be £20 now.

* The free bet may also appear in a separate section next to the account balance. In this case you would still have £10 next to ‘Balance’ and another £10 next to ‘Free Bet Balance’ or in a similar section. Make sure to use the free bet balance when you intend to place a free bet or a real money bet may be placed instead.

* On some occasions you may be unable to see the free bet until the moment you’ve already chosen a selection to bet on. There you may see a checkbox that offers placing a free bet instead of real money.

Check all these options before you start complaining to bookies that you haven’t got your free bet.

Contacting Bookmakers

If you haven’t been credited with a bonus you qualify for automatically, you need to contact the bookmaker. The most convenient way to do that, of course, is email. You have to find the support team’s email address on the bookie’s website and write a decent message to them.

Remember to be polite and don’t attack the bookie. Write something like ’I saw a banner that said new players could get a free bet if they signed up with bookie X. I’m just curious if I’m eligible for this offer…’ (Please don’t send exactly these words). The bookie shouldn’t understand that you’ve signed up with it just to get the free bet. I also recommend not withdrawing any money until you’re done with this bookie.

If the first email doesn’t work, try again. You can be a little more aggressive this time. Also mention that this is your second email and they didn’t answer to the first one.

If you still get no response, seek advice in our forum. You may also threaten complaining in different forums, websites or even consumer protection services.

A Bookie doesn’t Give you the Free Bet

I hope you will never experience this… But there have been cases like that. Fortunately you don’t really lose anything just because you don’t get a bonus you wanted to extract. Okay, the qualifying bets may cost you a little because of discrepancies in the odds and Betfair commission, but you can easily make up for that with another bonus in the next bookie.

Why you didn’t get the bonus?

In most cases it is simply a delay by the bookie. I would not worry at all  for the first 24 or even 48 hours. If you don’t have the bonus by then, email the bookie. That is usually enough to get the problem resolved.

If you have any issues with getting your bonus, always contact the bookie (preferably multiple times) before considering the bonus lost.

You may fail to qualify for a bonus offer if you haven’t read its terms and conditions carefully or have accidentally misunderstood them. Always double-check the T&C’s on the bookie’s website! . There are some bookies that don’t give bonuses to residents of particular countries (that are listed in the T&C’s), so don’t register if you’re living in one of them.

On extremely rare occasions dishonest bookies simply do not intend to give you any bonuses. None of the reputable bookies would do so and I’ve never experienced that. However, if you are not given a bonus you qualify for after attempting to contact the bookie, seek our help (leave a comment).

We may be able to help you and it’s vital to warn other people about such fraudulent bookies.

I hope I didn’t scare you, because almost always there aren’t any problems with getting a bonus.

Phone Calls with Bookies

There are few bookies that really like to call their new clients (such as PartyBets or GameBookers), so provide a valid phone number with your country code when you register. If a bookie calls you, there’s nothing to worry about; usually that’s just a part of its marketing.

However, some bookies may call to verify your identity as well, so be ready to answer questions related to your account.  Even if you are not a fluent English speaker, there is nothing you should worry about – bookies respect such clients as well.

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