Sports Betting Strategies

June 20, 2011

Although any attempts to profit from sports betting by placing bets on selections which you believe will win are destined to fail, there are other methods to make money from sports betting.

In this article I will discuss betting strategies that do not aim to predict whether a selection is going to win or lose.

Betfair Trading (Scalping)

It is possible to profit by backing the same selection at higher odds than laying it. That can be achieved in betting exchanges by placing a back bet, waiting for the odds to fall and then placing a lay bet. If the odds are expected to rise, a lay bet has to be placed first, and then the same selection has to be backed at higher odds.

Unfortunately we have to predict which way the odds are going to move in order to make a profit. If the odds move the other way, we actually lose money. Correctly predicting the movement of the odds requires a great skill that can only be acquired by spending countless hours practicing.

Advantages of Trading

  • Trading does not rely on outcomes of sports events
  • Very little commission has to be paid (you only have to pay commission for your net winnings in a single market)

Disadvantages of Trading

  • You risk losing money if the odds go against you
  • Trading skills are very hard to acquire
  • Trading is stressful and time-consuming
  • Low ROI (return on investment)
  • A failure of your internet connection or power supply can financially expose you

Arbitrage Betting

Since the odds offered by online bookmakers nowadays are usually almost the same, arbitrage, which requires having multiple bookie accounts, has a rather little profit potential.Fortunately finding arbitrage opportunities has become easier since there are many free tools that find the best books available for you.

Advantages of Arbitrage Betting

  • Arbitrage betting does not rely on outcomes of sports events
  • Arbitrage opportunities can be found automatically by using odds-comparison tools

Disadvantages of Arbitrage Betting

  • There are very few good arbitrage opportunities
  • Many bookmaker accounts are required
  • Low ROI (return on investment)
  • Arbitrage opportunities usually don’t last long, thus you have to act very quickly
  • If some of your bets are cancelled,  you can lose very much

Matched Betting

Matched betting offers a great opportunity to cash in bonuses and free bets offered by bookmakers without risking  your own money. It is doubtlessly the safest legitimate way to beat bookies. Unlike other sports betting strategies, matched betting requires little investment and skills for making considerable sums of money.

Advantages of Matched Betting

  • Matched betting does not rely on outcomes of sports events
  • Immense ROI
  • Little initial investment required
  • Easy to master
  • Takes little time

Disadvantages of Matched Betting

  • Requires opening many bookmaker accounts
  • Profits are limited to approximately a couple thousand quid per person

To find out more about matched betting and start making some money, go to our matched betting guide.

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