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October 1, 2011

When I teach matched betting to people who have never done it before, I always suggest that they use Betfair betting exchange. Why? Because of all the betting exchanges Betfair is the largest. Since more bets are placed on any particular event, it is easier to get your bets matched, which of course is crucial for matched betting.

Another advantage of Betfair is its generous £25 losing-stake-refunded offer, which can provide a nice boost to your newly created account. Note that you can only access this offer by clicking on the banner below.

The best way to capitalize this offer is by using another betting exchange. If that’s too complicated, just place a bet on something that you believe should win. After all, you cannot lose anything that way.

But there is also a downside of using Betfair. Currently it charges a 5% commission on winnings, which is more than the commission of some of its competitions.

While players who bet huge sums can get commission discounts on Betfair, regular matched bettors do not qualify this. For this reason it might be worth considering other betting exchanges that currently offer lower commissions to all their players.

Betdaq, another popular betting exchange, currently offers a 2.5% commission for all players on all markets. If you are betting on a popular football game or horse race, there will still be more than enough money in Betdaq markets, but your profit margins will be larger due the small commission.

Betdaq currently also offers a €/£/$30 no lose bet, which is a losing-stake-refunded offer (use promo code ALLBDQ02). To take advantage of this offer, treat your first Betdaq bet like a SNR free bet in our matched betting calculator.

Matched betting between two betting exchanges is always easy, because the odds are literally the same on all the betting markets. Just don’t forget to also specify the back commission (2.5%) in the calculator

Another exchange that has to be mentioned in this post is WBX. Their commission is not as small as that of Betdaq: you pay 3% of winnings for markets with two or three outcomes, 4% for markets with four outcomes, and 5% for markets with five or more outcomes.

However, WBX also has a free bet offer, though it’s not the most generous offer out there. After betting with £100 you will get a £10 free bet. This might sound like a bad deal, but since you have to use a betting exchange anyway, you might as well qualify for this.

After that, you can get £5 for every 20 WBX loyalty points you earn (three times in total), but to be honest with you, I probably wouldn’t bother with that.

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