Congratulations on reading this tutorial until the very end!

Most people don’t get to this point, but you’ve made it and I’m proud of you.

I know, it’s been a long way and some of the things discussed in this tutorial may seem confusing.

Even though I’ve tried my best to explain matched betting, you may have a couple of questions about it. Don’t be afraid to ask them in comments. I’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

But the most important thing is that you actually do take some action and use all the stuff you’ve just learned.

If you never start signing up with bookmakers and placing matched bets, you are never going to make money from matched betting.

I know, it sounds obvious, but there are so many people who just are too lazy do matched betting, who procrastinate, who don’t take action and who never succeed in betting as well as in life generally.

I know you’re not one of these people, are you?

Head over to free bet offers and start making some money! And have you finally signed up with Betfair? You were supposed to do that a while ago. For your convienience, here is the £25 free bet banner again.

I wish you a great success with matched betting!

After you have extracted all free bets and bonuses, and there is nothing else you could do with your valuable matched betting skills, you could help your friends and family to do matched betting as well. This can potentially make a big difference in your family’s well-being.

However, there are a couple of technical issues you should consider before someone else from your household begins to sign up with bookmakers. Therefore there is one more chapter in this long tutorial: Repeat Matched Betting.

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