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How to Use This Matched Betting Calculator

  1. Choose bet type. For your first bet with a bookmaker and for arbitrage betting choose ‘Qualifying Bet’. SNR stands for Stake Not Returned free bets and SR stands for Stake Returned free bets. It’s crucial that you get this right. Carefully read each bookmaker’s terms & conditions to find out if the free bet stake is or is not returned.
  2. Enter ‘Back Stake’ which is your stake at the bookmaker or your free bet amount. Use ‘.’ as the decimal separator in all fields of this calculator (if needed). Don’t leave any fields blank.
  3. Enter bookmaker (back) odds and commission. Use decimal odds only (such as 2.00). The commission for your back bet will almost always be 0% (unless you place you back bet in another betting exchange). If unsure, don’t change it.
  4. Enter lay odds and lay commission. This commission is normally 5%. If unsure, don’t change it.
  5. Press the ‘Calculate’ button. Matched betting calculator will now display the optimal lay stake as well as the net profit and return percent for both outcomes of the bet.

The ‘Lay Stake’ field shows the optimal size of your lay bet. The ‘Liability’ field tells you how much money has to be in your Betfair account to place this bet. The ‘Back Return’ field tells you how much money your back bet will return to your bookmaker account if it wins.

The Return (%) field displays how much of your initial stake (or free bet) you will keep after placing both bets. The higher this number, the more money you will make. For qualifying bets and SR free bets try to look for a return of 92% or more. For SNR free bets a return of 75% or more is acceptable. Note that for SNR free bets the return increases for selections with higher odds.

I recommend that you bookmark this page and only use this matched betting calculator. I’ve tried the other ones on the Internet and most of them are just wrong (which could cost you some money). If you have any questions or suggestions about this calculator, please leave a comment below.

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Mathias June 13, 2012 at 1:54 pm

i like your description and especially the SNR Free Bet option.
Question regarding the calculation at example of qualified bet as the easier calculation:
wouldn t it make sense not to only calculate what to bet to loose the same amount on both sides after commisson but instead regarding the probabilties of the event happening? hope you understand what i mean. your calculation fits exactly to odds of 2 cause its 50/50 probability, but if odds are 3 its more probable lay will win, so you should adjust your stake a little bit up. dont know you to consider it mathematically and if it even makes sense…
hope its just not really stupid, kind regards mathias


admin June 28, 2012 at 10:23 am

Hi Mathias,

Yes that does make sense and you could adjust your stakes slightly to reflect this, however i doubt it will make much difference on overall profit as the odds tend to balance out particularly when placing numerous bets i.e if you placed three different bets at odds of 3, its likely that 1 of these bets will win at those odds. It would be interesting however to see what effect this might have?


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