Is Matched Betting Still Profitable

July 28, 2011

Recently I have been asked if matched betting is still as profitable as it used to be a few years ago. After all, business opportunities that sound too good to be true usually don’t last long… The short answer to this question is ‘Yes, you can still make a lot of money from matched betting, but a few things have changed.’

Things have indeed changed since I first started matched betting a little over five years ago. From a little-know gambling loophole matched betting has turned into a rather popular way to make money. Matched betting has been featured on The Guardian, Daily Telegraph and other major publications. Now even Wikipedia has an article on matched betting.

Because of all this, matched betting has also attracted a lot of attention from bookmakers. Some have changed their promotional offers, while others have blocked free bets for certain countries altogether. However, bookmakers are still in competition with one another, and they still try to attract avid punters by offering generous free bets.

From bookmakers’ perspective, their best clients who lose the most (and are the least likely to do matched betting) live in the United Kingdom and other affluent EU countries. In contrast, clients from Eastern Europe are viewed as inferior since they tend to bet less and do matched betting more often.

As a result, today matched betting is the most profitable for people who live in the UK or Western Europe, but it is not as profitable as it used to be in the Eastern Europe. But don’t feel discouraged if you are not from the Western Europe. If you look at bookmakers more closely, you can still find plenty of great free bets and make some easy cash. It’s just not as easy as it used to be.

In the affluent European countries matched betting is still as profitable as it used to be. While bookmakers know that some matched bettors will make money by exploiting such offers, they are, in fact, happy for it, because they know that they are going to make much more from the losses of their other new customers. A spokesperson for William Hill has actually indicated that the betting industry does not have any problem with matched betting.

However, even in the affluent European countries many free bet offers have changed. For example, free bets that are given when your first bet loses have become increasingly common, partially because they sometimes look confusing to beginner matched bettors.

But don’t be intimidated by this kind of offers. A bonus in case your first bet loses is, in fact, the same as a stake not returned free bet (except it does not require a qualifying bet). Think about it for a minute: if your first bet wins, you get to keep the profits, but if it loses, you don’t lose anything since you can do matched betting with the bonus as well. For this reason you should calculate the lay stake using our matched betting calculator as if you were dealing with a SNR free bet.

To conclude, matched betting is still very profitable in the affluent European countries, but has lost some of its glory in the Eastern Europe. Bookmakers are also trying to confuse some matched bettors by changing the terms of their offers, but it is still possible to make easy money if you know how to exploit such promotions.

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