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The ability to do in-play trading is one of the greatest advances of online sports betting. Rather than trying to predict which team is going to win, soccer in-play trading in Betfair allows bettors to make money from patterns in the odds that occur over and over again. This is surely easier than picking the winner!

Laying the draw is perhaps the most popular soccer in-play trading technique. In essence, you lay the draw of a soccer game, and as soon as the first goal is scored, you back the draw at significantly higher odds. Typically the odds for the draw before kickoff are around 3.5-4.0, but when the first goal is scored, they skyrocket to 8.0 or even as high as 10.0.

This difference in the odds enables you to make a healthy profit. For example, if you place a lay bet of £20 at 3.5, you stand to make £20 if either of the teams wins, but you will lose £50 if the game ends with a draw. [click to continue…]

Although any attempts to profit from sports betting by placing bets on selections which you believe will win are destined to fail, there are other methods to make money from sports betting.

In this article I will discuss betting strategies that do not aim to predict whether a selection is going to win or lose.

Betfair Trading (Scalping)

It is possible to profit by backing the same selection at higher odds than laying it. That can be achieved in betting exchanges by placing a back bet, waiting for the odds to fall and then placing a lay bet. If the odds are expected to rise, a lay bet has to be placed first, and then the same selection has to be backed at higher odds. [click to continue…]

You may have heard different stories about some exceptionally lucky or smart people who are somehow able to make gazillions in sports betting. However, there are so many more people who have lost their money, friends, family, jobs, etc. because of sports betting addiction. Are all the success stories simply forged by bookmakers to lure you?

Are there actually any possibilities to profit from sports betting sustainably? I will try to answer these questions by briefly discussing the most common approaches to sports betting, but there is one thing I can tell you already: you can only lose money by impulsive gambling. [click to continue…]

Decimal Betting Odds

June 20, 2011

Odds are probably the most important numbers to understand in sports betting since they indicate how much money a bet can win and how likely an outcome is. Historically several systems of quoting odds have developed in different parts of the world. The three most prominent of them are fractional, decimal and moneyline or American odds.

Why Decimal Odds?

In Betfair (and thus in matched betting) decimal odds are used because they are precise, easy to understand and easy to make calculations with. If you are new to sports betting, don’t bother with other types of odds but use the decimal ones.

If you are used to another system of quoting odds, you will need to convert them to decimal odds to use Betfair and to make money  as described in our matched betting guide. When you are using bookies, make sure to choose decimal odds to be displayed to avoid confusion in matched betting. [click to continue…]

Nowadays competition in sports betting market is extremely fierce and there is a good reason for that – bookmakers profit every time punters place bets (learn why bookmakers always win). As the majority of online bookmakers offer pretty much the same in terms of betting opportunities and odds, they have to create tempting promotions to get punters choose their service.

Knowing that they are going to gain more anyway, bookmakers are ready to give really great bonuses and free bets to attract new clients. Bookmakers obviously gain if a punter loses his money and the bonus offer, but those punters who win at first usually become compulsive and end up losing even more. In order to not lose their current players, bookies also offer additional promotions to their existing clients. [click to continue…]

What is a Bookmaker

June 18, 2011

A bookmaker (also known as a bookie) is a person or organization that accepts bets on a particular outcome of a sports event and pays to the bettors if their prediction turns out to be true. The amount of money that is paid to punters if they are able to predict the actual outcome of an event is determined by odds.

The higher the odds, the more money can potentially be won by the bettor. Unfortunately, outcomes that have high odds are very unlikely to happen; bookies have to somehow make money.

Traditionally bookmakers were located in sports venues such as racecourses, but since the advent of the Internet all major bookmakers are also operating online. The fierce competition in the sports betting market has forced the bookies to attract new customers by offering generous free bets on which matched bettors like to focus. [click to continue…]